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Thank you for checking out our site. Soldiers of Eanna is a clan of Human, Mirdain and Dwarf players. We are currently in the Imric Republic Alliance. If you are interested in joining our clan please register and visit the forums for more information.

SoE News

Leadership Changes

Uzik ibn Yaraq, Jun 6, 11 8:40 AM.
Severance Bane, Capn Carapn and Morad Wrothmarch are the main officers of the clan now.

Please make them aware of any suggestions or concerns that you have.

Siege Tonight

Uzik ibn Yaraq, May 25, 11 8:16 AM.
Izkand is being sieged by RK.

Please be online around 8pm EST.

New Clan Structure

Uzik ibn Yaraq, May 23, 11 11:40 AM.
On forums.  Please take a look.

Eronetil Seige tonight

Kol_Taggar_0, May 18, 11 10:06 AM.
"[09:20:52] (Incognito SupremeGeneral Balin Goldhelm): Guys...we'll be getting to the siege tonight at 7:30 latest, please do everything you can to be ready "

I asked Captain Flu where we were meeting up but his lisps are sealed. 

Half Price Resources

Uzik ibn Yaraq, May 17, 11 12:14 PM.
All this week we will be selling resources to clan members at a 50% discount.  We expect ALL resources to be used for crafting, and if you are selling them back to the clan please give some sort of discount.

More info is on the forums.


Uzik ibn Yaraq, May 13, 11 3:03 AM.
11pm EST.   Bind at Aerngardh, be ready at 9pm EST

Crafting info

Lady Lillian, Apr 20, 11 6:56 PM.
Check out the new crafting levelling guide in the forums.  Please let me know what else you want to see added in there, or if anything is unclear!


Uzik ibn Yaraq, Apr 15, 11 9:15 AM.
Morador 8:45 EST.  It is in elf lands.
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